P1070144-nb-250We fix your notebook…broken screens, hard drives, inverters, DVD bruners.

Under warranty repairs are sent to Barcelona.

What we repair:

  • MAC Notebooks and desktops
  • PC Notebooks and desktops
  • Android Tablets and IPAD (Batteries, Digitalizators, Screens, Conectors, Buttons, etc…)
  • Phones (Batteries, Screens, Motherboards, Cases, Micros, Speakers,etc…)
  • Smartphones Android – Windows – IPHONE (Batteries, Digitalizators, Screens, Conectors, Buttons, etc…)
  • Digital Cameras (Only electronic, We do not repair lens problems.)
  • Accesories (Chargers, power supplies, Cables, Speakers, keyboards,etc…)
  • ¡WE DO NOT FIX PRINTERS AND SCANNERS!, but we can help you to configure them….

BE CAREFUL: We do not have stocks and parts for any models, please be awarded that parts delay can be over 2 weeks!